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Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson's interest in cars was influenced by his father and his friends who it seemed had all dabbled in motor sport. One of these friends was a country Ford dealer who would arrive to take the Johnson's to Sandown Raceway in the latest GT Falcon each year, the seed was well truly sewn. After school a part time economics course whilst working in the office of the local Ford dealer also set the path, although it wasn't long before the interest overshadowed study and office work and Mark entered a cadetship in selling. In this time various sports cars were bought, trialed, sold and often bought again. This pattern has continued for the last 30 years with the result being many of the cars on this site.
The interest in cars resulted in a CAMS license in the early nineties and events like Targa Tasmania and Classic Adelaide were successfully completed in vehicles like Escort Twin Cams and Lotus Cortina's. Mark regularly competed in Historic Touring cars in the Lotus Cortina and then the Mustang and has driven at all the Victorian Historic meetings and support races to the Australian GP and Bathurst 1000. Mark has also raced in the last few years in Historic Sports cars in a Porsche 911E, 74 Carrera 2.7 and most recently a 911 ST replica.
Mark has owned a diverse and interesting range of vehicles mainly through the 60's and 70's periods including, MG, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Lotus Cortina, Escort Twin Cam, Ferrari, Porsche, Mustang,  Mercedes Benz etc etc.

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