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1970 911ST Replica

This car was built to race in the Historic touring car category here in Australia. A genuine factory built 911ST competed in the original Australian touring car championship against some locally modified 911s from 1969 through to 1972. Because of this we decided to build an ST replica. The class rules stipulate that it must be a 2.3 liter engine because that was the maximum capacity that raced in the original category.

Some concessions were made in terms of absolute ST authenticity because of safety and competitiveness. Things like the full FIA spec Chrome Moly roll cage and the 935 all alloy pedal box were added to make the car safe and fast.

We also managed to source some wonderful original parts for the car, like the 2.8 RSR Marelli 12 plug distributor, RSR rockers, 10x15 Magnesium Minilites and a 901 magnesium gearbox with a complete set of straight cut gear ratios.

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