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1973 911S UK RHD

This 1973 911S has a very long well documented history, delivered new in the UK as a RHD 2.4 the service records and ownership history date back to the mid seventies. We recently purchased this car from New Zealand where the owner had started to restore the car. The records and receipts show the car has been a 73 RS replica since 1977 and has some very rare RS lightweight parts fitted to the car, like the Recaro race seats and 380mm sports steering wheel. The car has been Grand prix white for all of its time as an RS replica however was originally Gemini Blue Metallic. Previous to the NZ owner this rare 911 was owned by the well known London Photographer Claire-Jessica Weait who has had a number of collectable early Porsches.  During its time with Claire-Jessica it received a full engine and gearbox rebuild by Francis Tuthill. After going on the rotisserie and being sandblasted we have found the majority of the body is in very good condition. It was pleasing to find only some of  the usual rust issues being present with no major surprises or accident damage. There have been a few sub standard repairs which will be cut out and replaced in addition to the normal rust replacement. This will be a very exciting restoration and a stunning Porsche 911S finished in its original Gemini Blue.

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